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Bilingual Insurance Virtual AssistantsElevate Teams. Insurance Virtual AssistantsElevate Teams. Insurance Virtual AssistantsElevate Teams. Insurance Virtual AssistantsElevate Teams. Insurance Virtual AssistantsElevate Teams. Insurance Virtual AssistantsElevate Teams. Insurance Virtual AssistantsBilingual Insurance Virtual AssistantsBilingual Insurance Virtual Assistants
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Meet your bilingual, college-educated Virtual Assistants—tech-savvy professionals with extensive experience in customer service,
account management, and office administration, trained in industry-standard AMS systems like Applied Epic, Hawksoft, and
AMS 360.

Meet Your New Team

We offer three types of professionals, each equipped to meet your agency's specific needs:
Virtual Assistance
Virtual Assistants streamline insurance
operations by efficiently managing administrative tasks, Certificates of
Insurance, quoting, and endorsement documents with precision. They provide seamless support for your agency's daily administrative needs.
Customer Service Representatives are insurance specialists who manage policy reviews, endorsements
processing, audits, and ACORD forms. They handle comprehensive certificate requests, quoting for Personal and Commercial Lines, and manage renewal processes. They excel in handling complex certificates of insurance and providing top-notch support to your customers.
Accounting Virtual Assistants specialize in various tasks essential to efficient financial management in the insurance industry. They handle general accounting tasks such as ACH transactions, AR/AP management, and financial reporting. Additionally, they manage premium finance agreements, handle customer and carrier refunds, and oversee direct and agency bill reviews with precision.
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Discover the extensive range of skills and expertise that our Virtual Assistants, CSRs, and Accounting VAs bring to the table—each designed to elevate your insurance agency's performance.

Virtual Assistants

  • Direct bill management: Billing inquiries, Payment assistance, Policy updates, Billing disputes, billing history.

  • Managing Certificate request, Generate Certificate Templates, Policy Verification/Compliance, Issuing Certificates, COI Management within CRM, Processing Renewal Certificates.

  • Capable of managing quotes across various carrier websites and creating proposals.

  • Sending endorsement requests to carriers, identifying changes made through endorsements, and documenting activities accordingly.

CSR (Customer Service Representative)

  • Document and Data Entry, Policy Renewals and Reminders, Policy Reviews, Audits, Document Preparation.

  • Handling more comprehensive certificate requests, quoting for Personal Lines and Commercial Lines (BOP/WC/Auto), and carrier website training.
  • Reviewing audits, obtaining worksheets and assist in audit disputes..
  • Capable of Personal Lines Rating System using Epic Quotes (EZ Lynx and PL Rater)
  • Managing renewal processes such as expiration lists and renewal solicitations, follow up for quotes and additional information from insureds as needed.

  • Handling complex tasks related to certificates, including reviewing contracts, lease agreements, endorsements, AI, WOS, and PNC requests.


  • Dec Page, Notice of Cancellation/Reinstatements, Endorsements, Audits.
  • Identifying key policy details (named insured, policy period, policy number, type of coverage, type of policies, premium, limits).
  • Overview of Epic, AMS360, Hawksoft.
  • Navigation within systems (Home Page, Activities, locating clients/policies, attachments).
  • General accounting review (terminology, concepts like ACH, wire transfers, AR/AP, revenue, expenses, profit, etc.).
  • Record keeping and documentation (transactions, customer/carrier refunds, commission payments, generating financial reports).
  • Paying Producer, Broker, and Carrier Payables.
  • Direct and Agency Bill review (transaction classification, invoicing, record payments, carrier payment).
  • Return premiums, audits, policy corrections, and other financial reconciliations.
  • Premium finance agreements (PFA, amortization table, minimum earned, APR).

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